Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This is Mr. Snaily Snail.
He has been living on our front walk way for the past few days and I swear he hasn't moved. You can't tell, but part of his shell is broken off and is on the opposite of the sidewalk. =(

So today was my first day at worship team practice. Out little jr. worship team is made up of:
Graham on bass
Nathan on drums
Devon on little drums
Fiji on guitar
Lauren and Lanayah on vocals
Me on keyboards.
They have been nagging me for weeks to start playing with them and I finally gave in.
It was actually quite fun and I did pretty well if I do say so myself.
We're even playing for two different events this weekend. Should be exciting!


AWennstig said...

i am very proud of you- seriously.

AWennstig said...

and oh yeah- poor little snail. did you know that when we're in sweden this play ground by our cousins house is over run with snails and we like to use badminton rackets to flick them away? poor poor snails :)

my name is STEPHANIE said...

poor mr snaily snail =(