Saturday, February 20, 2010


In the morning I went to Third Place Books with Kez and James. Whiles James had his playtime with other kids, and Kez was hanging out the the mommy's I decided to go find a book. So I went and got a Postsecret book, sat on the floor, and read the whole thing. Man those postsecrets are addicting. I love them.

Later I went to Greenlake with Kelsey and Allyn. We walked for a little bit then went to Dick's. Chocolate milkshake and fries what's up?!
It was funny thought because I had to show them how to get there from the lake... and I haven't even been in the area in a very long time.
It was SO good to see them though. The last time I saw them was in June before school got out. That's way too long if you ask me.

then Daniel, Kez and I made chocolate chip cookies before American Idol.

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