Saturday, February 20, 2010


Here we go...
Saw Dear John (oh my gosh so sad!!!), went to my girl katie's house, went to tdm (taco del mar), drove around in Zelda (her car), got donuts at the place we used to go to when we were taking drivers ed, went to Pike Place Market (I can't go to pike place without taking a picture of the beautiful sign and fruit... I just can't)., we remembered some good good times down there, chilled at her place, and had an overall great day. Thank god it was a nice day too! That made things better!

I love me some Katie Wachholz!!!

Then I went to youth group and saw everyone just like old times. It was an interesting night.
But then Janell spent my last night with me and made everything better.

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Katie said...

yaaaaaaaaa i love you!