Saturday, February 20, 2010


I went to work with Kez and brought Janell along with me to keep me from being bored. We discovered that we were pretty much twins becasue we were both wearing baseball-T's, jeans, black converse, and non matching socks. It made us happy.

We hung out with baby Jackson for a little bit, went to my favorite consignment shop Label's, took Janell home, I hung out at church by myself for a while just playing piano in the chapel (which I miss) and writing in my journal.

THEN I got to hang out with my roomie Erin!!! and of course Eva and Jackson. Eva had her pink high tops on too which totally made my day!
After Eva's bath me, her and Erin sat down and had coffee, hot chocolate, chocolate milk and delicious cookies.
Later Chris came home and I talked with them for a while.

I love the Wikles!!


AWennstig said...

that photo on top = AWESOME

Taylor Covert said...

i LOVE the pic of you and Janell!

Anonymous said...

JUST read this post! I love you TOO! I love the pic of you and Eva... -Erin