Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Stayed home sick today. What does that mean for me?
Waking up an hour later (because I can't sleep in no matter how hard I try), doing nothing on facebook because everyone is at school, watching nothing on T.V. because there's nothing good on during the day, messing around with my hair, drinking lots of water and eating a lot of saltine crackers. yuuuummm.
yep. that was my day.
This is my actual picture for today. I love flowers.
And then, I took out my 4th earring today to change it and somehow it closed up super fast or something, because when I went to go put it back in, I couldn't find the back hole anywhere! So pretty much I just stuck it through. It felt just like it did when I got it pierced. awesome. As a result my ear turned all red and is still sore.
p.s. TAYLOR- look what I found today!!!! =))