Thursday, February 11, 2010


day 7 of "10 days of LOVE"

Lauren and I stayed home sick today... again. She's been out all week and this is my third day home in the past two weeks. We both feel kind of crappy, so my mom took us to the doctor to see what's going on. Pretty much we both just have the regular cold, cough, stuffy, runny nose stuff and have to take a ton of medicine. Usually I like to get over my colds naturally because I hate taking medicine. I don't mind pills so much, I just do NOT like going to the doctor and getting a prescription for a million different things.But this time I went ahead to the doctor anyway so I can try and feel better for my trip (in 3 DAYS!!). So hopefully it all works!

You know how people usually sleep when they're home sick? yea well I usually do my homework, eat and watch t.v. So that's what my day consists of.

This is one of the cookies from last night, oh my goodness they are so delicious.


chanelle tomiko said...

i like how you're holding it lol

Reality Check said... random site link.. tell me you know about this! :)