Sunday, February 21, 2010


This picture has nothing to do with my day. My day was just... a typical Sunday. Church, home, lunch, homework, nap, computer. Nothing special.
OH BUT I did get to sleep in today. I haven't slept in all week and my last day of break I sleep in until 9:30. what's up with that?

This is what I wore today. Kez gave me a few shirts and this is one of them. I wore it with leggings. Isn't it cute? Sorry it's not the best picture or really great quality. I'm feeling just a wee bit lazy and tired today.
oh and notice the suitcase in the corner? yea, that probably won't be unpacked for a while. worst part of traveling is the unpacking afterwards (at least for me).


Anonymous said...

totally agree about the unpacking lol - but I love the outfit!

AWennstig said...

SUPER CUTE outfit <3
and i totally agree about the whole unpacking thing. and it goes for repacking to go home too. nothing ever fits right when you're going home. it's like your stuff is begging you not to leave.

Anonymous said...

Yeah cute top!!