Monday, February 8, 2010


day 4 of "10 days of LOVE"...
aw, the beach. Isn't it just lovely.
I love the beach, I really do. But it makes me kind of sad sometimes because I live RIGHT by the beach (like a 5 minute walk), but I never go. I don't know why. I guess I'm just kind of lazy, and the fact that their doing construction on the one that's walking distance from my house might be the case. But seriously, once it starts getting nicer and I feel like going out, trust me you will start seeing more pictures from around the beach area.
Today it wasn't so nice though. I went just so I could take a picture of a heart in the sad. But the stupid overcast clouds and rain ruined it. So here's what you get.
I just love drawing in the sand.

oh and in case you didn't figure it out, for my 10 days of love every day is going to be a picture of a heart. But they're all going to be different and in different places and made out of different materials. So today you get the classic heart in the sand.

(one week until I see my lovely Amanda and Alexandra <3)


Anonymous said...

your hersheys kiss wasnt a heart

AWennstig said...


Emilygrace said...

i know i just realized that it wasn't a heart. my all the ones after that will be

my name is STEPHANIE said...

when is that stupid construction going to be done?