Sunday, May 23, 2010


ORANGE is my favorite color. And I know using oranges for the color orange is kind of lame and not creative at all, but it's whatever.

So I've been thinking today, and for me, today is one of those days that I just really miss Seattle. Like a lot. So I'm just going to share some of my thoughts with you right now...
I think sunday's are the days that I miss life in Seattle most because I actually had a life on sunday's, and I miss that. I mean, having almost a whole day with absolutely nothing to do is great... sometimes, and definitely much needed after a long week of school...but it just seems weird after having busy sunday's spent with some of my closest friends.

I miss attending church with all my friends and seeing their beautiful faces every week
I miss sunday school with everyone, even if they were full of craziness and frustration some of the time
I miss our first sunday of the month starbucks runs
I miss sitting by my friends in church and passing notes throughout the service
I miss everyone hanging out in the fellowship hall laughing and eating soup and crackers
I miss running around church playing with all my little kid friends
I miss having to stay at church until everyone left (ok not really, but sometimes it was fun)
I miss going out to lunch with people on occasion
I miss putting together last minute plans
I miss going on adventures
I miss movie nights
and lastly...
I just miss Seattle and everyone there!
I love you all.


AWennstig said...

I miss you too! and all of that stuff you said!

p.s. are you holding oranges up against your hair? please say yes. hahaha

Emilygrace said...