Monday, May 17, 2010


Yesterday was Sunday. After church, I spent the whole day with Stephanie and our new friend from England, Hayley. She's super cool.
We got lunch at Red Robbin, then spent the rest of the day driving around and having good conversations. We went to the mall and looked around in Hot Topic, I love converse.

they also had this shirt there. I'm pretty sure this shirt was made for me.

Finally, to end the day we went to South San Franciscos production of Godspell. A few of our friends were in it and it was really good. The music was perfect, the acting was great, it was hilarious and overall entertaining. I enjoyed it.
and props to my sister for her few lines and couple of songs.

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AWennstig said...

oh my gosh- it's that little guy from foster's home for imaginary friends! how embarrassig that i know that...too bad i really actually kind of like that show :)