Friday, May 14, 2010


look what my friend Kim Kim got me!!
GIANT Pocky sticks. I love them so much.
also, I went to the goodwill on Tuesday and they had about three polaroid cameras, each one was only $10 too, so ever since I've been wanting a polaroid camera with film. Actually, I've always wanted one, but now I REALLY would like one. But film is SO freaking expensive. look it up, I wanted to cry. But I'm determined that someone I know either has some or knows someone with a camera and film.
So my fellow bloggers and blog readers, if you or anyone you know has a polaroid camera + film that isn't used anymore, hook me up! you would make all of my wildest dreams come true.

also, moves came out today for The Salvation Army (don't worry guys I'm staying put), but I've just been thinking about the past year. It's crazy to me how exactly one year ago I found out that I was moving away from everyone I knew and loved in Seattle, because really, it's all still fresh in my mind and seems like only yesterday. I'm just glad I don't have to go through that again.
So to anyone and everyone who found out they are moving today (especially if you're in high school), I would just like to let you know that I'm thinking about you, and you may not believe me now, but things will be ok... eventually.

Love, Emilygrace


KangaRoo said...

LOL after leaving you a FB message, I was thinking, "how DID i know that she liked Pocky?" So here i am only to find this post!

Well if you didn't move here from Seattle and I didn't move here from Toronto we wouldn't be cheering over these chocolate-covered-crackers =)
Feels like yesterday for me too but I'm glad to have met you and your great family!!!

AWennstig said...

YUM! I WANT ONE! maybe this is something we can add to our cheez it-milano-skittle picnics under the big tree!

chanelle tomiko said...

i was obsessed with polaroid cameras for about two years before they discontinued them. i bought like two hundred dollars worth of film. i wish i had some still! they brought it back right? i wonder if they still sell it at costco!