Friday, May 21, 2010


TGIF! In exactly one week from today I will be done with school for the summer!!!! YES.
Nothing much to report today. School was chill, in chem all we did was go over homework and then have the rest of the period to do nothing. People signed yearbooks, my teacher had food for us, and I just spent my time looking at peoples streams on flickr.... and that's that.

I love me some Ramona, but I don't think the love is returned sometimes. I think she gets annoyed with me. She's a crazy dog.

We were all snacking on the delicious m&m's today. Sometimes they're just the perfect snack. Especially the orange ones.

It's now about 8:30, my bro and sis are gone for the night and all day tomorrow, that means it's just me and the parents. We're going to watch Invictus now... goodbye!

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