Sunday, May 2, 2010


May Day!!
the one day that gives me an excuse to take pictures of flowers and I don't. awesome.

Last night we went to San Jose for the World Service meeting. It was great. They played one of the first showings of Nikole Lim's film: "While Women Weep" and oh my goodness... it was very powerful. It followed three women in Kenya, Africa and showed just how strong and hopeful they are after everything they've been through. It made me miss Africa so much more than you could ever imagine. But luckily my dad got the book, DVD and also let me get a bracelet that women made in Kenya, so we got to bring a little more of Africa home with us.
I wish so badly to go back there some day. I do, I do...

these are all the button's in my mom's car...

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Shannon said...

i LOVE the green bean coffee house. my heart. even with the fire and the new location, that place and the people in it are just heavenly.