Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Welcome to the San Francisco Pier. Home of water,bird poop, boats, and delicious clam chowder sourdough bowls.

Today we went down to the pier (duh). We walked around, took pictures of boats, looked around Pier 39, got delicious clam chowder (it was the perfect lunch for a rainy, cold day), took a break, went to Hyde St. Pier, took more pictures of boats, went to Ghirardelli Square and ate a hot fudge sunday, looked in a coold spy shop, got fries at IN-N-OUT, then headed back home.
Overall, a great great day!

and just in case you couldn't tell, I had fun editing these.


jessie p said...

I'm impressed! The middle picture is my favorite becuase of the colors, but they are all really good!

Reality Check said...

I'm thinking at some point you need to copywrite these photos.. like when you post them.. put "Emily" on them, so no one comes across them and sells them as their own.

In other words, these are great & I wouldn't want you seeing your photo end up somewhere that SOMEONE else got paid for friend! :)