Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Today is my mom's birthday. We got her black converse (awesome), and these socks...=)
yes she wore them exactly like this when we went out to dinner.


AWennstig said...

Your mother just earned 40 points on the coolness scale!

Taylor Covert said...

thats AWESOME!!!
i <3 your mom!

my name is STEPHANIE said...


Reality Check said...

sooo cool! :D

Katie Helms said...

so, i tried to leave a comment this morning but for some reason it didnt work... so here is what i said (keep in mind that this was from 8 am)

this just made my whole day! LOVE IT!

and this is still in effect by the way!

Brian said...

Millie wears hers every Friday - and she's 50!