Friday, March 19, 2010


Today was another lovely day in Pacifica. Who knew it gets sunny and hot here? definitely not me. But it is and I couldn't be happier.
School was chill. We didn't have regular classes because all the seniors were presenting their senior exhibitions today. So all I had to do was watch 5 of them. easpy peasy. I had to pay close attention though becuase that's going to be me next year. AH! scary!!
Then I came home, put on shorts and a tank top, soaked up some sun, and almost ate a whole thing of saltine crackers. man those things are good.

my goal today was to get tan. I failed. all because of my stupid fair skin.


AWennstig said...

GUESS WHAT- we had sun here too! and i went outside in shorts and a tank top too! and i failed at the whole get tan thing too!

chanelle tomiko said...

seriously, emily??? i would never think to take a picture through a cracker. good eye. hope you, lauren, graham, and steph can make it to mitchell's with me one of these nights :)