Monday, March 29, 2010


Today started the wonderful interim week for Oceana High School. Pretty much there's no school this week and everyone is doing a different interim. So for instance, my brother Graham is gone all week at some Pie Ranch thing over by Santa Cruz. They're kind of farming and all that jazz and then at the end of the week they make...pies!
My interim is Photographing San Francisco and IT'S PERFECT!

Everyday this week we are going to a different SF dest (San Francisco Destination) and get to take pictures and do whatever all day. It's super chill. Like today we went to a part of Golden Gate Park, my group and I took pictures for a while then we just walked around, got some Chinese food, went to Jamba Juice, Jenny and I bought almost matching dresses at Crossroads (a really cute consignment shop that has SO  many cute dresses) that are perfect for summer,  then we met up with the rest of the group and took the bus back to Daly City BART.

and that my friends is what my week before spring break is going to be like. jealous?

Here's one place we were today. I really like the homeless dude playing guitar on stage.


AWennstig said...

so first off, i am super jealous. i just started spring quarter today. and secondly, this picture is really beautiful.

katie wach said...

i love love loveeeeee this