Monday, March 1, 2010


Happy first day of March everyone. Since it's March, and I get out of school in May, I can say that I get out of school in roughly two months. That just sounds SO great!

So just this weekend I was reading one of my dads music magazines and I found out that The Rocket Summer has a new CD out. I love The Rocket Summer so much. So I went on iTunes and streamed through it and decided to buy it since this a rare time that I actually have money.

It's called 'Of Men and Angels' and it's officially the first full CD that I bought on iTunes... ever.
If I like the group well enough then I just always always always buy the CD because I'm one of those people who have to hold the CD. But today I caved in. It was only $7.99 too, for 16 songs, so I figured why not?
oh and the flowers are just because it's MARCH and for some reason March makes me thing of spring and flowers.

here are some lyrics from the song "Nothing Matters" on the cd.

And I know it's not too sexy
That I'm singing about the blessings we get
When we give up ourselves for something good
It would be bigger than a promotion, motion-motion

Because nothing matters
Just tell yourself
Again and again
Nothing matters
But what we offer in love
Nothing matters

Pride will shatter
Our words will never be enough
Cause nothing matters
So I'll surrender to you

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AWennstig said...

i love this! i can never seem to get this kind of stuff to focus. you are so talented!