Monday, March 15, 2010


Today I went to Berkeley.
     All the 11th grade humanities (that's english & U.S. history) classes went on a field trip there today.
     We went to see 'The Most Dangerous Man in America' a documentary about Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers. It was kind of interesting. Pretty much I just enjoyed:
a half day of school, skipping a math test, taking a school bus (it's been a while), eating lots of brownies, sitting in the biggest and most comfortable theatre chairs ever (with pillows available), taking BART back home, and all the while discussing amazing music with Madeline.
And the one thing that topped all of this wondefulness... THE SUN! It was out and warm all day today. It made me happy..

     Stephanie and I also went to The Goodwill today and both left with dresses. They're really cute and I can't wait to wear mine. It makes me think of summer... oh summer, please get here fast.
This is a street musician playing in the BART station. I love them. <3

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