Monday, October 25, 2010


Today at school the Invisible Children organization came to our school to give a presentation. I remember seeing a film my sophomore year that they put out about the forced child soldiers in the on going war in Uganda, Africa.
Today was similiar, but not only did they focus on the war, but the film followed a group of American high schoolers who got to travel to Uganda along with Invisible Children in order to experience first hand what was going on over there. It showed them making friends and helping build schools that were destroyed during the fighting. We even had two men from Uganda come and share with us their own personal stories.
The whole thing was very moving... I cried, both happy and sad tears.

At the end they were selling t-shirts, bags, dvd's and bracelets to help support Invisible Children's work over in Uganda. I usually can't pass up an opportunity to support happenings in Africa because I love it so much and I know first hand that they need the support, so I bought this rad t-shirt. I decided on this one becuase, even though it was $5 more, the cotton it is made out of was grown and produced in Uganda, plus it has a cool Ugandan flag on the back.

All of this made me miss Africa. I wish so badly to go back there some day.

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katie wachholz said...

oooooooh i love it thats so cool!