Saturday, October 9, 2010


 Katie Helms and I were talking earlier this week and she mentioned that she had something to give me. She was sending it with her mom to give to my parents since they were going to be spending the week with each other. I realized I had something that I could give to her too. So I did the same and sent it with my parents to give to her mother.
When my parents came back I was very exciting to see what Katie sent my way. And this is it!!
Don't laugh. I'm in love with it. It even sings.
I haven't had a singing high school musical bag since this summer when mine died.

p.s. Stephanie... remember when my other bag started singing while Kelley was praying during camp fire??
good times, good times...

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Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHHHH yesssss!!! ahahahahahhahahahahahha that was the very best thing in the entire, entire entire world lol i love it!!!