Sunday, April 11, 2010


Tuesday we headed to San Diego. That means that we drove all day. 12 hours to be exact. So obviously I wasn't going to get a super legit picture for the day.
Outside was beautiful though and it made me wish I wasn't stuck in the car all day. The sky was so blue with a few scattered clouds and the grass was so green. sometimes the country just looks so appealing to me.
and this is my family. Dad's driving, Graham's reading, Ramona can't just chill out, I'm taking pictures, Lauren's drawing and mom's enjoying the scenery like me.


Katie W said...

the bottom picture really confuses me

Emilygrace said...

there's a mirror thing in the front of our van

lil wayne's wife said...

it still confuses me

Emilygrace said...

ok well, please tell me exactly what confuses you and I will try and help you understand.