Monday, April 5, 2010


This morning my mom and I went to Berkeley for a tour and information.
It's such a bittersweet thought that I'm starting to seriously think about college, and that a year from now I will be ending my Senior year. gah!
But I actually really liked Berkeley. I liked the whole vibe, and college town scene, plus we had a great tour guide who made it seem a lot more appealing.
Also it reminded me a lot of The University of Washington when I visited. Just all the old and really cool looking buildings, and also all the green and nature stuff.

Today was my first of 3 college tours this week. We head to San Diego tomorrow for the rest of the week since I'm on spring break, so we're looking a couple while we're down there.
Once again, kind of exciting, but super scary!

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Anonymous said...

That's sooo cool!!!! I can't believe you're already looking at colleges. crazy.