Sunday, January 10, 2010


SWITCHFOOT CONCERT! My dad got Graham and I concert tickets for Christmas, so last night the three of us went to the regency ballroom in San Francisco to see them. They were absolutely amazing. I think it might have been one of my favorite concerts yet. They were just so interactive with their fans, and they play so good live, and man can they rock! It was so much fun. I felt at peace and relazed in a way. I know that probably sounds weird since I was at a rock concert. But music just does that to me. I felt good. And not to mention Jon Foreman's voice just gives me chills and almost puts me to tears.
I also loved the concert because at times I felt like I was at one huge worship service. During some of the songs people had their hands up and I could just feel the love in that place.
If you've never listened to Switchfoot, please do. And if you like them but have never been to their concert, please do! I guarentee you will leave their so happy!

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chanelle tomiko said...

i used to love switchfoot! i saw them at the masonic years ago. i was just recently at the regency (say that ten times fast lol) and the sound was horrible from the floor. sounds like it was better for you! glad you had fun!

Ashley said...

i have never been a switchfoot fan.. in fact i hated them until their last album came out. now i cannot stop listening to it. granted, i don't care for their early stuff, but i love hello hurricane. cool shot, by the way!

Stephanie said...

You definitely wrote "Grahama"