Sunday, January 24, 2010


What's up 2 in the morning?!
So we stayed the night on Friday at the Coverts house and of course didn't get any sleep. Taylor randomly got up and went into the kitchen to boil something for her shoulder, so I decided to keep her company since I wasn't getting any sleep anyway. So as we were waiting we decided to take pictures... duh and this is the result. We like to have fun together. We complete each other!!

oh and funny story about this picture... before we started taking them I tried to sit up on the counter across from Taylor and didn't know there was a pan behind me. So as I was getting up there I knocked it over and it made a HUGE loud noise like you wouldn't believe. I was freaking out and felt so bad becuase it obviously woke everyone up and was just so embarrassing/kind of funny.

*self time I love you (and you Taylor Christine)

p.s. Last night Stephanie and I watched The Pregnancy Pact. I would just like to say that those girls are so stupid and watching them made me so mad/sad for them because they seriously were crazy!