Friday, January 8, 2010


YES! I finally figured out how to do the motion blur stuff with the flashlight. Well, I didn't really figure it out, Abby Chamness told me how, but still, I can do it now!! I've always been interested in how people do this and now I know! It totally made my night just so you know.
And I wanted to try and only upload one picture a day this year, but this is technically four, but it's their still all in ONE uploaded picture. so whatever.

p.s. I filled out/turned in my camp application today online!!! while having a very long skype date with the one and only Taylor Covert!

ok so since so many of you are commenting asking how I did it/what I applied for, here you go:
1. you have to put your camera on a long shutter, self timer, a flashlight, and a dark space.
So pretty much while the camera has a long shutter, you put it on self timer, then while it's taking the picture you draw pictures with the flashlight. that's about it.

2. I applied for CIT then waitress


~AminaAbstract~ said...

what did you apply for emily, and i love the pics!!

chanelle tomiko said...

that's AWESOME! i've always wondered as well. how do you do it?? lol

kt said...


meidashling said...

how did you do it?!

Rika said...

I was totally gonna upload something like this for today's picture, but you stole my idea!

Abby said...

wow these turned out really great!!!

Stephanie said...

ummmmmmmmmm things we are going to do when I visit!

and yeah -- what did you end up applying for?