Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Day 6: A song that reminds you of somplace
"The Final Countdown"

Some of you that know me pretty well might think that this is such a random song for Emily to like/listen to. But for a few of you who actually read my blog, you could probably guess exactly where this song takes me back. That would be a little place I like to call Camp Arnold at Timberlake, summer 2010 and here's why:

This past summer I was a C.I.T along with my good friends Taylor, Samy and Alex. And part of our job was that every morning when our all the cabins headed to the flag pole for assembly, we would stay behind to check for peebags. That means we would go around to all the girl cabins and check every single campers' sleeping bag for pee. yes.. pee. hence the name "peebags".
So once we got all the sleeping bags, we would take them down to the laundry rooms to wash them. And pretty much every morning when we would leave girls town, right when we would pass the stump, this song would be playing in the exact same spot as the it did the day before when we were passing the same place.
It was kind of weird, but totally awesome.

And that is why this song makes me think of Camp Arnold.
this is my final countdown... crossing off the months until May (a.k.a. graduation)

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stephanieamber said...

your final countdown. how cute.

the other day me abtp (andrew bennett, but he is now an acronym) cassie & katie played this crazy game called dutch blitz (WE SHOULD TOTALLY PLAY IT) and i mentioned how talking TOTALLY distracts me because i'd rather talk than play the game. so andrew kept talking to me and distracting me. and he mentioned "eye of the tiger" and i sat there quiet for like a minute and was finally like "CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME HOW THE SONG GOES" and then they laughed and then i was like "i'd rather think of the final countdown." and i told them about the night night and the good night. then we played another round and i told them i wasn't listening to what they were saying, and they asked what i was thinking about and i kept singing the final countdown. haha.