Friday, August 20, 2010


Day 2: Your least favorite song

It took me longer than I thought to think of a song that I really don't like. I went through my ipod several times and I still couldn't come up with something.  I'm sure there's lots out there, but none come to mind right away. So I decided to think of my least favorite camp song, because that is WAY easier since there's almost too many to count.

One of my least favorite camp songs would have to be the Tarzan song. I have started dreading this song ever since last summer when we (the waitresses) would sing it almost every week on monday nights. It just drives me crazy, and adds to the pile of annoying camp songs that I never want to hear again. At least I get about 10 months free of it before I have to sing it almost everyday for the whole summer.
Isn't this owl cute? It's actually a painted rock I think. I love it

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