Monday, September 20, 2010


I am not a fan of Monday's. Just like to point that out there.

Today I was going through all the polaroid pictures that I've taken, which inspired this picture.
I really love polaroids, and even though I don't take very many of them, I am going to be very sad the day I run out.
Anyways... pictures to me are memories that I can keep forever, that's one of the reasons why photography is so close to my heart. One of my favorite past times is going through all the hundreds of pictures that I've printed out over the past few years and reminiscing all the great times I have cherished with people. And everytime I do I always go back to the same thought of:

"I wonder who is going to be in my life/pictures in the future..."

right now, my future is this big huge question mark to me. But it calms my heart a little bit to know that I have plenty of people in my life who aren't a question mark and who I know will be in my future no matter what.


stephanieamber said...

i don't get it; did you blank out the actual pictures?

Emilygrace said...

no. this is just the back side.