Thursday, June 3, 2010

154/365 "We all have our things..."

Aw The Rocket Summer. How I love The Rocket Summer. This phrase if from the song 'Do you Feel' which is one of my favorites. I love the song, and the music video, and Bryce Avary. And maybe I love the music video a little bit more because I think I spotted Matthew Thiessen in it... maybe.
I know they didn't use signs in this video, but it's still the same idea.

Do you feel the weight of the world singing sorrow?
Or do you, is it just not real?
Cause you got your own things
Yeah, we all have our things I guess
Once again I love The Rocket Summer. So please listen. watch. love. buy.

p.s. I stayed in my pj's all day, what a great day it has been

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